Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fertility & Prenatal Exercises

Palm Tree Pose


  • stretches and strengthens your torso
  • stretches your back
  • relaxes your shoulders
  • stretches your upper and lower back


  1. Stand straight with feet together.
  2. Inhale, on exhalation, raise both arms together from your sides.
  3. Keep arms straight on the sides of your head and clasp hands together.
  4. Keep both feet on the floor. 
  5. Stretch slowly and gently to the right. Breath steadily.
  6. Then, stretch slowly and gently to the right as if you are swaying like a palm tree by the beach.
  7. Sway back to the center and stand straight.
  8. You may bring a foot up to the side of your knee and turn this pose into the Tree Pose.
  9. Stay in pose for 10 seconds. Lower your foot and relax.
  10. Bring the other foot up to the side of your knee and repeat steps 7-8.
  11. Lower your foot and relax your arms.


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