Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fertility & Prenatal Exercises

Seated Hamstring Stretch


  • stretches hamsprings
  • prevents leg cramps
  • promotes blood circulation in lower body
  • relieves sciatica
  • prevents lower-back pain


  1. Sit on a floor mat with straight back with right leg straight in front and left leg bent.
  2. Bring the sole of your left foot as close to your groin as you can.
  3. Make sure your hips are seated squarely on the mat.
  4. Reach and hold your right foot with your hands. Use a long towel to help you reach if you are not flexible enough.
  5. Push your tailbone backward to lengthen your spine during step 4.
  6. Hold for 1-3 minutes. Relax and repeat steps 1-5 on the alternative side.

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