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Things to Avoid During Pregnancy


Most women have taken a few drinks in their first trimester especially before realizing that they are pregnant. There's no scientific evidence to show that a few drinks on a couple of occasions proven harmful to a developing embryo. However, continuous consumption throughout pregnancy will bring on lots of problems if not stopped.
Drinking 5-6 glasses of wine or beer or spirits a day is considered too much. Regular alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to undersized infant, mentally deficient, multiple deformities, and high mortality rate. Therefore, stop while you are trying to conceive or as soon as you missed your period would be the right thing to do as a mother.

Cigarette Smoking

Luckily, there's no evidence to show that smoking prior conceiving will be harmful to your fetus. However, smoking while you are pregnant, especially after first trimester is highly dangerous.
Smoking while you are pregnant confined your fetus in a smoke-filled womb. Harmful substances speed up fetus' heartbeat, causing fetus to cough, sputter and deprived from oxygen in order to thrive and grow.
Smoking also causes miscarriage and infant death, therefore, STOP smoking altogether the moment you decide to be a mother. It's the best gift you can offer to your baby in life.

Sugar Substitutes

Most commercial sugar substitutes contain no nutritional values and are not suitable for pregnant women. It is better, to watch the amount of sugar you are taking instead of using sweeteners which are usually packed with harmful / useless chemicals.


Avoid contact with cat litter while you are pregnant. Cat litter could contain toxoplasmosis which is dangerous to mother and fetus during pregnancy.

Hot Tubs, Saunas, Electric Blankets and Heating Pads

We should avoid raising our body temperature to over 38.9C (102F) during pregnancy, especially in first trimester. Overheating leads to potential developmental problems of embryo or fetus.
Avoid hot tubs or saunas for longer than 10 minutes or working under extreme heat for a long time. A pregnant woman is more likely to be dehydrated, feel dizzy and have low blood pressure.
Cuddle your partner instead of an electric blankets or heating pads.

Microwave oven

Two types of human tissues are most sensitive to microwaves. They are the eye and the fetus. If you have to use a microwave oven, get an electrician to check that there's no leakage. Make sure the seals or gaskets around the door are intact. Leave the room while it is in operation.

X Rays

Dental X rays are directed far away from your uterus and you can wear a lead apron to shield the uterus, but unless it is absolutely necessary, dentist usually put off any X rays until after delivery.
All other X rays should be avoided during pregnancy.


Studies showed that exposure to lead in relation to reducing children IQ, affecting pregnant women and their fetuses. Too much exposure to mineral during pregnancy increases the risk of developing pregnancy-induced hypertension or miscarriages.
Water is a common source of lead exposure. It is worth while to invest in a water filter and find out exactly what the filter does and what substances it can filter out from your tap.
Old paint used to be a major source of lead. If you live in a house dated back to 1955 or earlier, make sure you stay far away from it if you decide to remove the paint or any refurbishment.


These commercial products should be treated with caution while you are NOT pregnant anyway. Stay away from these products while you ARE pregnant would be the safest thing to do.

Picking up older children

You should avoid carrying heavy load to the point of exhaustion while you are pregnant. Carrying your toddler occasionally without straining your back is acceptable. You will find it harder to do 0so as your belly grows and naturally avoid doing so anyway.

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