Friday, 21 March 2014

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Having lived in Hong Kong, a famous Gourmet Paradise, for a decade, I've tasted quite a few delicacies. The local sweet pudding cafe is one of my favourite places to be on any Friday evenings. Combining fresh ginger and milk for a pudding is so genius that I had to learn to make it at home to satisfy my appetite. And what's better? Is that ginger is a herb that promotes good health to our reproductive organs. It really is a win win situation!!

Sweet Ginger Milk Pudding



  • full cream fresh milk             250ml
  • ginger                                    60g
  • sugar                                      30g


1. Peel and grate all ginger.

2. Place grated ginger in a sift and squeeze all the juice out. Extract as much juice as you can.

3. Keep ginger juice in a warm bowl.

4. Heat milk in pot on low heat, stir in sugar when milk is hot. Keep waving the pot while heating to prevent it from boiling. Never let milk reach boiling point.

5. Turn off the heat on the first sign of boiling bubbles. Side side.

6. Prepare two jugs, pour hot milk from one jug to another and keep repeating. Repeat for at least 10 times or until milk cools down to about 80C.

7. Pour 80C milk into the warm bowl with ginger juice. Leave for about 3 minutes. The milk will set naturally.

8. This pudding must be served while it is hot. Texture will turn runny again once completely cooled.

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