Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fertility & Prenatal Exercises

Cobra Pose


  • massage reproductive organs
  • relaxes shoulders
  • opens up chest
  • strengthens arms and shoulders
  • relaxes lower back
  • tones buttocks
  • improves blood circulation through the spinal and pelvic regions


  1. Lie on your tummy on a mat with toes pointing towards the back.
  2. Place your palms on the floor near your body next to your ribs.
  3. On inhalation. Gently push yourself up with your hands.
  4. Raise your head and chest upwards away from the floor.
  5. Tilt back your head.
  6. Lift your chest as far away from the mat as you can.
  7. On exhalation. Slowly tilt your head towards the floor till it touches the mat.
  8. To exit. Lift yourself up to a sitting position through a kneeling position.
  9. Relax.

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