Saturday, 10 May 2014

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Boost your fertility with a massage


Massaging your ovary regularly increases your chance of conceiving successfully. Ovary massage promotes blood circulation and brings oxygen to the ovaries which helps regulating ovulation and egg production. As well as regulating ovulation, massaging your ovaries also relieves ovulation pain and twisted fallopian tubes.



Massaging the ovary



  1. Relax on a mat on you back, calm yourself and listen to your breathing.
  2. Locate your ovaries about 4 inches below your navel and 3 inches in each side to find the exact location of each ovary.
  3. Place a towel under your head and a pillow under your lumbar region. 
  4. Lubricate and rub your hands with massage oil to warm your hands up.
  5. Apply pressure with your fingers and hands on your ovaries.
  6. Gently and slowly circle the area clockwise on each side.
  7. Continue for 10 minutes and gradually increase to 30 minutes as you get more used to this routine.
  8. Relax on your back after a session.

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