Thursday, 8 May 2014

Everything Pregnant


It is one of the first signs of pregnancy since your body tries to absorb as much nutrients as possible from your food intake. What its left becomes dried and hard to pass out.

Constipation may continue throughout your pregnancy due to the affect of your pregnancy hormones wreaking havoc as they cause the muscles in your bowels to relax on the job in order to have more time to make the most of your food.

But don't be discouraged by theses facts. Irregularity can be override by taking the following measures, which can also help ease another common pregnancy symptoms, hemorrhoids.

Increase fiber intake

Substitute as much refined foods with whole-grain ones as you can. Vegetables and fruits are best eaten raw, make sure they are washed thoroughly as many of today's vegetables and fruits are contaminated with pesticides. Choose organic whenever possible.

Increase fluid intake

Your body have a better chance to flush out its waste with sufficient fluid. Most fluids including water, fruit and vegetable juices are very effective in softening stool and keeping food moving in your digestive system. Hot water with fresh lemon slices or prune juice does wonder to ease constipation.

Live and Lactic Culture

Live and lactic culture found in yogurt or yogurt drinks improves digestive system. It keeps your bowel moving in order to fight against constipation.

Go when you need to

Holding your bowel movements weakens your muscles that control them over time. Set your priority right and do the right thing at the right time.

Prenatal supplements

Excessive calcium or iron found in most prenatal supplements may cause constipation. If that is the case, check with your practitioner to find out if you can modify your supplement formula.

Exercise and stay fit

Don't stop exercising just because you are pregnant. Unless on doctor's order, moderate exercise encourages active bowel movements. Choose an exercise routine that is pregnancy safe and suitable for your life style, walking, yoga, stretching or swimming are all very good prenatal exercises.

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