Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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Itchy Tummy

Pregnant tummies may get itchier as your pregnancy progress. As the abdomen expands and stretches, the stretching and dryness of the skin makes it irritably itching. Scratching to sooth the itch might result in scarring and excessive stretch marks. Therefore, use your brain power and stops yourself from scratching those delicate skin on your tummy.

Apply lotions, coconut oil, olive oil, etc, from the start of your pregnancy. Use anti-itching lotion such as calamine or Aveeno to provide relief from itching.

If you itch all over, don't forget to consult your practitioner.

The following article from daily mail is about a rare case of tummy itching resulting in stillborn.

When an itch during pregnancy is a sign your baby is at risk

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