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Everything Pregnant

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Nausea and vomiting

It is unlikely that you will be interested in sex if you are feeling queasy or sick all day long. The good news is, morning sickness usually peaks between 9-12 weeks and starts easing up and gradually disappear as you approach 2nd trimester.


First trimester is more exhausting than 2nd trimester. Fatigue do ease up once you get used to being pregnant and before your tummy grows too big. Second trimester is the best time to enjoy sexual relationship with your partner since you won't need to worry about contraception and your engorged genital will bring you things that you've never experienced before.

Engorgement of genitals

This is caused by increased blood flow to the pelvic area and hormone changes in your body. Your engorged genital will be extra sensitive which could lead to multiple orgasms.

Leakage of colostrum

You might experience transparent discharge from your nipples towards the end of 3rd trimester. Pre-milk called colostrum could leak during sexual stimulation. You can always keep your lace bra on if it bothers you. Otherwise, there's nothing to worry about whatsoever.

Breast tenderness

While fuller and more firmer breasts enhance sex for some couples, some women find it too painful to be touched. Communication is the best solution. Make sure your partner understands your suffering and not resentment to his touch.

Change in vaginal secretions

You may notice that your vaginal secretions might increase in volume, change in consistency or odor while you are pregnant. Increased lubrication could be joyful for some and too much for others. Don't forget to talk it through with your partner.

Bleeding during sex while pregnant

The mouth of your uterus becomes engorged, blood flow increased and much softer during pregnancy. Bleeding could occur with all these contributing with deep penetration. Should it happen, if without discomfort and cramps, make sure you consult your practitioner at your next visit and avoid deep penetration.

Worry about hurting the fetus or miscarriage

If you have no track record of miscarriages or any other complications during pregnancy, having sex is totally safe and fun. The fetus is well protected inside the amniotic sac, and the uterus is completely sealed by a mucous plug in the mouth of the cervix to prevent infections.

Early labor triggered by orgasm

It is true that orgasm could trigger contractions but they usually last less than half an hour without cramps or pain. Studies actually showed that sexually active couples during pregnancy have lower rates of premature labor than those who decide to keep their distance.

Worry that the penis might hit the baby at the end of 3rd trimester

Many practitioners suggest avoiding deep penetration or it's about time to put the red light on if it starts to cause discomfort towards the end.


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